Yin Yang
20 Jun 2023

From here – where the wind rustles through the grass – I watch a different kind of traffic. Ferries deliver those who commute; yachts go out to private seas; pleasure craft dart across the bay; little scientific vessels go and sniff around; a cruise liner comes by to hug the coast; the navy sends out another desperately needed friendly warning; a tanker brings in some goods, passing another that dispatches other goods. Strikes me as better to watch than a concrete ditch filled with a clogged varicose vein of smoke belching tin cans…

Work goes on, the world rolls by, commerce waits for no man, conflict is as ever inevitable, the rich and the poor go out to play and work. But there is a peace that pervades – a calmness and serenity that underpins the world. Green and blue – each with a little of the other in it, each dominant in its own domain and yet balanced.

And each moment is a unique scene, forever gone once it has passed, forever being reborn into what was never constituted precisely the same way ever before.

There’s some comfort in that.