Writers, Voices, Actors and Artists
11 Aug 2023

Aloha peeps,

We can’t do it all ourselves and need help, so this is a casting call without a couch – and an honest and transparent outreach to talented individuals interested in getting involved. If you are interested, drop us a mail at blog@extremelyforeword.com.

WRITERS (Global, excluding Oppressive Jurisdictions)
For aspiring or established writers, we have both paid and unpaid opportunities available. Could you have a regular column, an essay, an article or two in you? Then we’d love to hear from you. Writers from any and all backgrounds are welcome – as always RPL considers merit only to the exclusion of all other factors.

VOICES (Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Bristol)

We currently have quite a bit of work for voice actors based in the Southwest of the UK. Character voices, accents and variety are key: if you are directable and would love to work on diverse material while having a ton of fun and getting paid, get in touch.

ACTORS (Southwest UK, UK)

We currently are looking for actors in the following roles: A young black conservative student-age male, UK born and based; two older females of Windrush background or capable of playing same (his mom and grandma); a younger female (his little sister). The Casting Call has not been formally put out but the Writer/Director is also Executive Producer and wants to find the right talent as early as possible.

ARTISTS (Global, excluding Oppressive Jurisdictions)

Looking for stop motion, comic book, manga, Unreal Engine and Animation artists of all kinds for upcoming projects.

Appreciations and salutations,