When You Are Absolutely Done With Everyone’s Nonsense
28 Jul 2023

I’m not saying I prefer my own company these days, but I am strongly considering adding this feature to the driveway. Does anyone know a good contractor who can make it happen? 😉

In all seriousness, I love visiting English Heritage and National Trust sites. To walk around castles and forts is to be transported into a different way of thinking about our own time, and how tremendously lucky we are to live here and and now…

The world was a rough place. There was nothing inevitable about the development of Enlightenment ideas, human rights, rule of law. For most of human history, we lived only by the rule that might makes right. Somehow, we fought out a world which – despite how much we moan about it – treats the average, even the below average human being, with remarkable compassion and constraint.

Come to think of it – why? WHY should we be so nice to annoying folks? Surely I should have the right to put this up around my house to keep family from visiting? Surely good fences make good neighbours, surely boundaries are…

Wait. Breathe.

As I was saying, there is nothing more fun than going for a day out and exploring the many beautiful historic sights. You’ll get the benefit of fresh air and plenty of walking, as well as interesting new knowledge about the tech, society and personalities of bygone eras. You might marvel at really high, thick walls…

The kind I want, the kind I deserve, the kind that I will build out in several layers around the garden so that no one can penetrate without express permission! If it moves I’ll just fire unless they bring…

No, wait, phew, breathe again.

Right, where were we?

Days out! Yes. Days out.

There is a lot of beauty out there, in old designs and builds, and the way the old castles were set up.

And the world is, in truth, a very different, and much better place. But yes, I do wonder what it would be like to have high walls, big guns, a moat, a drawbridge, a portcullis, a few archers, some armed guards, a pack of hunting dog, three falcons and a catapult to help houseguests behave 😉

And you do too.