What We Got
22 Mar 2024

The old lady in the tiny house, doesn’t have a garden… But she has plants and pots and gnomes galore. A myriad of bright and cheerful colours right at her front door. Between the street and the house, she took a sliver of grey – and within it put a little bit, of all she deserves – but never could afford or can’t sustain anymore.

And sometimes, this is all we have…

The consolation of incantations, little bits of magic to weather the mundane. Amulets to keep the empty desolation away from our hearts and minds. Little atheist prayers shot up silently in the hope.

I’m not always a fan of humanity. And yet, undeniably…

Even at our weakest, it’s what we’ve got.

That make even grey slivers next to unkept walls bloom with hope.