What happened to the old blog?
4 Sep 2022

Some regular readers of the blog that was here before may find all this change bewildering. For over two years, Peter van der Walt regularly posted little snapshots and assorted updates and posts. While change may be uncomfortable, Extremely Foreword aims to be far more than just a ‘collection of pics and observations’ – popular as they are. Readers of Extremely Foreword will be able to find similar content under the SnapShots section – but the scope of this blog is obviously far greater.

For a long time, the fate of the existing blog was considered. Merely incorporating two years worth of content into the new format would skew the content. Simply deleting and losing all that was there before would annoy some of the folks who enjoyed scanning through all the photos (plus it might give rise to ‘he deleted past posts!’ observations from assorted miscreants on the sidelines).

The best thing to do then, really, is to let the old blog remain in place…

So for readers still interested in all the old pics, they’ll be up (for at least a period of time) at this link: https://petervanderwalt.com/blog/