Welcome to ’24
12 Jan 2024

Whoo-hoooooo! That awesome break we all needed is over! Time to get back to the salt mines and earn our keep.

Truth is, it is good to be back. And there’s all kinds of new wonderful things in the air:

A brand new look at petervanderwalt.com; a refreshed and updated extremelyforeword, with The Freshest of the Fresh Section at the top bringing you the very latest and trending posts; the familiar stream of snapshots and memes; a brand new News & Current Affairs Section bringing you Finance, Politics & Tech and Science; A brand new Lifestyle Section with Fashion & Beauty, Entertainment and the good old FineFinds Reviews; and then the Columns and Long form content at the bottom.

We’re changing from a landscape to a square format (for everything except SnapShots) , so for a while the look and feel will appear a bit clunky. But other than that, Extremely Foreword brings you everything you used to know and love, just better. Memes of Consciousness give way to the square format Applied Memetics; FineFinds and the other long-form also transition to square images, and the Extremely Foreword Column will have a brand new look going forward, as well as simply being called “The Column”.

We’ve added the first bits of new features content – Darya looks at the trends driving style in 2024, Beth looks at Israeli singer and actor Iman Amedi’s injury in Gaza, Bob looks at how SpaceX is changing the game, Judith brings us the best ROE of all listed companies on all stock exchanges for 2023 and Smith mentions the 3 elections to watch this year.

And as promised, from Monday 15th, new posts, as regular, only more.

It’s a brand new year. Extremely Foreword The Blog, and myself, wish you all the success your efforts deserve.