Warmth – Inside And Out
3 Aug 2023

Sticking to the theme about positions – this time – inside and outside.

Outside: natural warmth, the sun shining and heating things up, no barriers to the breeze, the attraction of the wild things growing naturally and without guidance. The garden might be beautifully kept, but the gardener does not control the bees or the birds or the exact way specific plants would blossom. To enjoy it best the ideal would be to let it be – not to interfere. This is the warmth of outside, and it is perfect.

Inside: artificial light placed to bring out artworks or architectural features. Neat, clean lines – placed deliberately. Barriers – the whole point is to create privacy and intimacy and so walls matter and are placed to achieve the closing off. The house might be built with natural stone but they are sculpted and made. To enjoy it best is to maintain and interfere. This is warmth inside, and it is perfect.

The rules of the game depends on where it is played. What works in one spot fails utterly in another. Whatever causes victory in one domain might be conditions for defeat in others,

And here, captured together – perfect warmth, wherever you choose to be.