War And Peace
15 Aug 2023

Work, play and war in the same space at the same time… the Sound sees it all.

The exact same water, at the exact same moment, is experienced vastly differently. For the crew of the tugboats it’s no doubt business as usual, the exertion of another day at work.

For those on the sailing boat – pleasant recreational exertion.

To those on the naval vessel – the last bit of comforting land before they go where they will not see any coastline for a while.

And one guy with a drink (or two) overlooking it all.

No matter how real the fear of those on the naval vessel, it is as nothing to the chill guy on the wall. The chill guy on the wall experiences peace and chill vibes – indisputably real and incontestable – but it does not transfer at all to those on the naval vessel, or those on the tugs.

It is true, objectively and absolutely, that the persons on their sailing vessel must be having some kind of fun. But right there and right next to them, the same is not true.

That’s the thing about the sea… you bring your own baggage to it, and your experience is whatever you want it to be, for as long as it decides to let you.