Visiting Post: Sanity’s Comeback
27 Jan 2024

I always use opposition research to solidify my opinions, because I like to ensure my ideas are battle tested before I opine about them. This, I know, is rather novel. I understand why too – it is painful. To read drivel and nonsense is difficult. Still, I’ve done it.

I also read the best arguments that agree with me – for the same reasons. If you are going to play with ideas – privately or, especially, publicly – you have a duty to bring the best minds and best points forward. For you and against you, the only way to get to the best is to thoroughly consider the totality of evidence.

Not so for many.

Despite gaslighting us about it, the truth is that the censorial left is a thing, and has been a thing.

When it eventually stops being a thing – and while there is hard work to be done about it – the only question being how much damage is inflicted on our society before it inevitably goes – a lot of folks are going to pretend it never was a thing. That process has, in fact, already started.

But there are battles ahead.

In all my readings, I had to sit through a lot of painful works explaining where all this is from, and why it is there. I sat through the source material of the left’s censorship complex, and the right’s retelling of how it came to be.

This latest book offers something worthwhile in addition to the infuriating, frustrating, soul-killing account of how we got here. It suggests what to do about it – wherever you sit in society. And even if, especially if, you’re sick of all that non-sense, that’s very much worth your time.

From Quilette, read about it HERE.