Vanilla And…?
30 May 2024

Living on the water isn’t for everyone… but then again, it might be for many people who think it isn’t. I walked around here for a bit and the setups made me imagine what life would be like. It wasn’t my life, as in, it was nothing that I recognized. And I don’t desire change for change sake, but I could see how it might be to live here, and I could project how it would affect me. Why do most folks assume they belong in some standard life? Why do I?

There is nothing wrong with vanilla. Love it and embrace it. But then I’ve always liked some sprinkles – chocolate, caramel, rainbow, glitter, something – to bring out parts of my mind that otherwise would have stayed hidden.

I’m not quite ready to sell the country estate for a drift down the river… But doesn’t this fine garden invite a block party, and can’t you see yourself sitting down with neighbours? And when they get too much you pull up your anchor and off you go. And if you stay, there’s a little bit of a holiday feel every time you step on to your home, or leave it.

Not all things are for everyone. And be happy and content and grateful for your vanilla.

The curious kid in my soul insists that sprinkles should be experimented with at least, and when liked, added liberally.