User Interface 1678
27 Feb 2023

Technology! The great saviour of us all! Because we can now do in minutes what used to take weeks, we only work one day a week – whereas before people worked all the time. With all those time saving efficiencies, we have more time to relax and rest than ever before. We no longer have any stress or pressure at work – because our electronic systems work as advertised and it saves as time, has more power than that rocket that put us on the moon, and is efficient.


But – at least – it is good to know that folks back in the day had interfaces of their own.

And while the computer is my friend… undeniably… it somehow fails to evoke a sense of beauty, productivity or style. It is a messy, unplanned thing – with everything on it. As opposed to being a dedicated space. It is not built to last or evoke a sense of purpose – it’s a slim appliance, like a washing machine or a toaster.

Yup. We love us tech. We really do.

But you can’t look at the User Interface 1678 and not feel just a hint of envy…