Tree Of Light
22 Nov 2022

Tendrils and dendrites of bright water, like a root system, branches into the land or builds into the sea – where it bushes in brilliant puddles – even though it is made of the same stuff as all the water that surrounds it. Everything about the water is the same – the chemical composition is identical. It is the same stuff. But the way that the light catches it, the way the sun is reflected, turn some of it into a tree of light while the rest remains as background. It is clearly there, distinguishable, different, unique, clear, observable. And yet it exists only in perception, and only from one specific vantage point. The revellers in the water may see their own bright reflections, but from where they are, it would all be completely different. The tree of light strikes me as similar to all phenomenon… temporary, fragile, and given shape and meaning only by reflections imposed on it.

Either that deep stuff…

Or just a few folks having fun in the shallows.