Trailer: Mind’s Eye Theatre
4 Aug 2023

If you like dark short stories as well as podcasts, audiobooks or radio dramas – you’ll love Mind’s Eye Theatre. The Trailer for the first season is now available to view over on the YouTube Channel – link below.

Mind’s Eye Theatre brings together the stories of Peter van der Walt, the voice talents of several exceptional artists, watercolour and mixed media all original artistry and some top sound design for your listening – and viewing – pleasure. Mind’s Eye Theatre is one of the two webseries starting on the channel this year (more on the next one at a later date).

From associate producer RL Drake:

“The concept plays on the old quote that radio is theatre of the mind. It provides yet another way for Pete’s readers to enjoy his short stories, expanding their options. But it is about more as well… it is about experimenting and expanding, with new channels and new forms. We’re essentially taking a very traditional form of storytelling – the short story – and bringing it to life in new media format. We’re testing and flexing a bit, because we’re working on very different and new channels, formats, platforms and ways of telling stories. If you like horror, sci-fi, dark stories that press buttons and make you think – Mind’s Eye Theatre might be just what you are looking for.”

Episodes will screen on the first Friday of every second month, starting in September 2023 – and the first season brings old favourites The Friend, The Home Stretch, Better Angels, The Ridealong and The Toybox to life – as well as three totally new shorts as yet unreleased.

The Peter van der Walt YouTube Channel brings viewers all original and completely free content – Horror, Sci-Fi & Documentary Stories For People Who Don’t Need Trigger Warnings. If you’re overly sensitive or unstable, go watch something cushy instead. If, however, you’re brave enough to let your mind go places and you’re up for a ride… step right up, and step right in…

Trailer for Mind’s Eye Theatre – from Privateer Media.