Town And Country
7 Jun 2023

Every now and then – not often – but just every now and then, humans can feel a little trapped or overwhelmed. It is of course totally okay to feel these things, we are not machines. What is not okay is to stay in that mindspace – to bathe in it and immerse oneself in it, to be self-indulgent with suffering, or to wave it about at everyone like a weapon. Best remedy, I find, is to step away from it. Physically. Literally. Take a drive or a ride or a jog or a walk and gain a little space between you and life as usual. And then look back at it, and realize that, as total as things sometimes feel, they are very much subject to the laws of scale. Live over there, work over there, play over there… all in a space no bigger than my index finger. Given such healthy distance, perspective and detachment enable a fresh pair of your own eyes on the problems. Which, at least in my experience, are now reduced to their proper size. Get outdoors enough. It helps the soul.