Time Travel Tunnel
11 Apr 2024

And there I was, mindful and planted in the present; rushing from one place to the next; thinking-plotting-scheming-fearing-hoping for a multitude of potential possibilities unfolding in the future; my feet walking on cobbles from a thousand years ago and the vista in front of me suddenly transporting me to the past.

I could see in that instant not only now, and 50 years from now, but the 1920s and the 1880s and the 1630s.

And scattered throughout our island are these invisible vortexes where time travel is not only possible but inevitable.

How I love this place… How I adore being part of a billion unfolding plotlines against a backdrop so beautiful and storied.

Every time I visit the South Bank I go here, to catch glimpses of what will be, what might be, what is, what might be, what was, and what might have been. And it fills me with – oddly, some might say – compassion and hope on a scale that doesn’t recognize time.