The Perfect Autumn Picture
29 Nov 2023

Went for an impromptu walk with my better half – and as we enjoyed the autumn stroll (we love walking, and have a special fondness for autumn walks – the conditions being near perfect – not too hot or extreme – spooky landscapes action-packed with inspiration and ideas) and we came across this visual.

Not a planned trip to some fenced-off preserve… Not a getaway to an expensive resort…

Just a quick, casual, unplanned stroll – one of thousands around home. And its safe to walk there.

And I remember how much it sucked to have had to live in a bubble – surrounded by racists and gangsters – forced to exist between gated home and gated office and gated shopping mall, IF there was power and IF there was water and subjected constantly to being told I wasn’t local, wasn’t welcome, deserved to die, stole everything I owned, was second-class. I remember laws designed to punish me for what people who looked like me once did, to others who would have done the exact same thing if they only had the means…

And then I came to a place where I truly was a foreigner… but was made to feel at home. A place where my accent stands out, but where I’ve been welcomed in. A place that had no duty to me, but treated me with fairness I never knew.

Oh yeah… feels good.

Feels like hope. Feels like possibility. Feels like decency.

Remember that time I was intimidated by the gesture of some lowlife cutting my throat, and I realized I couldn’t walk freely anymore?

Well… I’m walking now motherfuckers.