The Land That Forged The Folk
30 Mar 2023

I recently had the experience of filming in Cornwall. Firstly – I fell in love with and appreciated the people. These are a bunch altogether different from the other English – these folks are warm, self-reliant, fiercely independent, down to earth, resourceful, friendly and game for anything fun I could have potentially brought into town. I liked working with the Cornish and they left a mark on me.

Cornwall itself is a beautiful and distinctive landscape. You can see how the rugged coastlines, storms and strong winds shaped the folks that live there. It is a place that transports you back instantly and where mere ideas like the smugglers hiding in coves and the pirates setting out from Penzance comes very much to life.

Take this picture… At first its just another little landscape. But look at the size of those waves. A falcon or a hawk – a serious bird whatever the type – soars across the cove. You get a sense of old and new, cannon and telephone pole and automobile (you sure you happy to park there, mate?) all perch at the point where the land stops and the sea begins. All this while the sun displays a glow of its richest warmth overhead.

With the wind in my hair and whooshing all around me, I find my mind transported to Kernow – so that it can join my body where my feet are planted. This landscape is not for fading into the background.