The Grand Old Dame At Dusk
6 Apr 2023

It’s no secret that I prefer rural spaces to urban ones, and smaller cities to bigger ones, and the southwest to the southeast, and the quaint over the colossal. Indeed, I’d rather be in Plymouth than anywhere else on earth, at any time. But London is a tricky one.

Oh – she can overwhelm you. She did me when we first met. I first met her in a double decker bus, during a late rush hour, and stepping off into Victoria Bus Station I was suddenly in the middle of too many people.

But then – make no mistake – she has her lingering charms. For all the rush and hustle and bustle, London seduces slowly.

Take the Thames at dusk – with the warm lights already aglow and announcing, like punctuation, a serene eye between the rush of the day shift and the vibrancy of the night shift.

This city is endless and eternal. She can be, should be, demands to be explored – but she’ll never let you finish.

The Grand Old Dame and her wily ways will have you thinking of her, dreaming of her, even longing for her – suddenly and unexpectedly, when you are far away.