The Divine Is In The Details
2 Mar 2023

Sleek modern lines and glass towers can be impressive – but only a handful of skyscrapers are created with an awareness of beauty. Most construction is bland. Made to save costs. Made to save time. Made to be simple and quick.

Some eras are worse than others. Cities rebuilt after World War 2 sometimes emulate the boxy, soulless, grey concrete brutal functionalism of Socialist architecture. Worse might well be the style I can only call 1970s Cynical. Or the completely characterless buildings constructed in places with no sense of their own identity or history.

You walk among some buildings, old cathedrals, and you are in awe of their beauty.

So we know its possible to build something beautiful.

We just choose not to.

The cost! The time!

To slap some details on walls, and to include some ornamental flourishes, can’t be THAT freakin expensive… A little bit of details on the front, side or top of your box and the place might actually not look too shabby – and you could do that without breaking the bank.

The excuses of modern architecture are not truthful. They don’t build the way they do because they are greedy slavedrivers on deadlines.

They build the way they do because they have no hope, they no longer believe that humans have souls, they do not feel anymore, they aren’t willing to consider beauty in their plans.

Just some designs, just some details – and the world could be a more beautiful place.