The Boulevard
17 Oct 2023

The technical term for this quick pic is “Very London.”

It is, of course, nearly impossible to tie Very London down, given that there are so many different faces to the place. My London is invariably Southwark and my friend’s Kensington – and those two places are as far apart as California and Minnesota. The Grand Old Dame, or The Big Smoke, if you prefer, is more than anything a hodgepodge smorgasbord.

And yet, walking along this little side street on our way somewhere else I was struck by the fact that there are some parts, some snapshots, that is uniquely very London. Each little slice in each of the boroughs have a sense of their own – and then the overarching place also has a sense.

This pic captures that overarching sense.

Red Buses and Black Cabs. Beautiful buildings that hints at a current of money running underneath everything. Cosmopolitan types walking their little dogs. A sense of busyness – but not like New York – not hyper, but more steadfast and determined.

We’re in a rush and I don’t have time to frame the perfect pic so I take my little snapshot and move on. Only now I see the city left a message for me, in big letters on a yellow band on the side of bus.

And that’s very London too. Giving you something to take with you, a piece of magic that could help you on your travels.