The Bay Awakens
28 Nov 2022

Early morning walks give some excellent opportunities for photos. The little SnapShot below has no filters applied to it – all of the tones and light effects were there to be snapped. I love the detail on the surface of the water – here the ocean isn’t simply one mass of water but several distinct regions – as it is in reality. I love all the little boats – and the big ship in the background – they hint at all the renewed leisure and labour lying in wait. Atop the heavy black fortress walls in the foreground, if you look closely, you can see the outline of a cannon. A reminder that the price of freedom is – indeed – eternal vigilance. But perhaps my favourite part are the hills. You can cross the ones in the front and still find yourself with more ahead. And once you are over those there are more waiting. And so the land stretches ahead, layer after layer, ready to be uncovered and taken in and explored. Early morning walks get the blood flowing, the lungs breathing, the posterior in gear, the mind purged of soppy sentimentality and self pity… and rewards with vistas like this besides.