The Official Blog of author, filmmaker & storyteller Peter van der Walt

The Official Blog of author, filmmaker & storyteller Peter van der Walt

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The following document is the comprehensive policy document for (hereafter “the Blog”, “the Site”).

The following document lays out;

SECTION 1: The Policy of the Blog with regard copyright and intellectual property. 

SECTION 2: The Data Policy of the Blog and how changes to the this document is made. 


SECTION 3: A Statement on the Free Market Principles  which govern all dealings undertaken by RPL and its affiliates, brands, ventures, divisions and businesses. 

1. Copyright

This site is copyrighted and contains copyrighted material. All contributions from Peter Van Der Walt,  PeterVanDerWalt.Com and PeterVanDerWaltShop.Com are considered the sole intellectual property of RPL.

Fairbridge, the Ascendancy and all related content, including titles, names, characters, maps, fictional locations, indica and artworks are properties of RPL

Contributions by any other authors or contributors remain their own intellectual property – but it is submitted to the Blog with the understanding that it can be used and displayed on the Blog indefinitely, or for as long as the agreed period, negotiated at the time of submission.

2. Data Policy

It is not a commercial goal or operational objective of RPL to collect personal information about any of our site users.

Personal information may however be collected as a matter of course when you contact us through the contact forms provided on the Contact Page; when you contact us through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Goodreads, YouTube, any other platforms and apps; or when you visit our website.

We collect information only for the purposes of providing services and ensuring optimal user experiences on our electronic infrastructure. At no point do we disclose information, sell information, or share information, with any outside parties.

The blog does not collect personal identifiers, and does not currently offer email signup or subscription capabilities. Users who sign up for Peter Van Der Walt’s Subscriber’s Club should consult that website’s terms and conditions.

We may collect online identifier information like IP addresses or geolocation information based on your activity on our websites or technology platforms, for the purposes of delivering a good user experience.

We may also keep a record of correspondence.

We only keep and use your information if we have a legal reason to do so, to comply with the law and to pursue our legitimate business interests in a way that protects your privacy and security. We take every step to ensure that your data remains in jurisdictions with strong privacy protection laws, and treat your personal data with the utmost respect and sensitivity. We only keep data for as long as it is required for us to do so and delete it within months. In the event of the sale of the company or any division of the company, the personal data of users of and will not form part of the transferable assets.

The blog utilises cookies to provide the best user experiences possible. Strictly Necessary cookies are erased automatically once they are no longer required. Analytical cookies are used to help us improve our web experiences and service delivery. You can control the use of cookies on your computer through your settings. Changing your settings may affect performance. We do not alter the information we collect based on do not track signals, as the term appears in California Business and Professional Code 22575(b)(5).

Should you at any time feel that you do not agree with our policies, discontinue the use of our services.

Changes to these policies can be made at any time, without any notice.

 3. Statement Of Free Market Principles

The principles according to which RPL entities, including and do business with regard to slavery, oppressive regimes, large technology platforms and firms, as well as our policy of donating a percentage of our profits to worthy causes.

RPL and its associated businesses exclusively deals with wholly free market supply chains, where willing buyers and willing sellers engage in a voluntary basis on the open market. We do not use slave labour, nor do we have operations, production facilities, storage facilities, logistical hubs or any other supply chain components in oppressive and tyrannical regimes, including any theocratic or Communist countries. We avoid, wherever possible, jurisdictions or entities engaged in discriminatory practices, including so-called ‘positive discrimination’. 

RPL is committed to equality and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, language, income level or cultural background. RPL also supports freedom of conscience, religion and speech – and have in the past, as well as may in the future, discontinue the use of any platforms, suppliers and/or services that do not promote free speech and equal opportunities.

RPL utilises technology platforms, including social media companies and hosting providers, but we are not beholden to any one of them, and we can end our services on any platforms with immediate effect at any time. RPL and its associated business and brands will not continue to support or use platforms that exhibit values contrary to our principles.

RPL donates a percentage of all profits derived from PeterVanDerWaltShop.Com to what we deem to be worthy causes. The principles which guide our decision making in this regard include a strong bias in favour of free markets; individual liberty and responsibility; sound ecological protection and management; secular humanist principles and free speech.  RPL reserves the right to change the recipients of the donations at any time.

RPL does not hire from Universities who push DEI-practices, nor do we recognise degree modules containing ‘Critical Theory’. Before being accepted for a position, we require all employees to sign a Statement of Individual Liberty and Free Market Ethical Practices. We do not hire or procure from South Africa, Russia, Syria, China, Iran, Cuba, or Afghanistan.

Last Updated: January 2024.
Previous Update: October 2022.

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