Techie & Trendy in 24?
30 Jan 2024

The Tech Sector is known for doing everything big – from 629% shareprice increases to dot com bubble busts. Tech people also very often are the ones telling you about gargantuan paradigm shifts and how anything will soon be possible – while your IT guy or digital marketer lets you know that the system doesn’t work that way and they can’t get a specific job done. Computer said no.

Often, however, the big action runs in the little moves. And there’s been a spate of little news as of late.

PayPal is still struggling to be taken seriously as an innovator, given that it’s price reached a 80% discount to its high – and yet most sound investors still don’t consider it to be on special. There’s something about class action lawsuits from pissed off customers, self-righteous activist posturing and announcing innovation days that doesn’t quite add up to doing anything new, valuable or noteworthy since Musk left. And that’s saying something.

Amazon for some reason wanted to purchase an intelligent vacuum company, but the EU didn’t like the deal so that was the end of that – both parties expressed disappointment. Perhaps that’s a good thing, so that Amazon can ‘stabilize’ its cloud play AWS – which seems to be in need of some stabilization.

While Facebook continues to be less cool, META is still the world’s second biggest digital advertising platform, trailing only Google. The Zuck continues to invest heavily in AI and is clearly working on some master plan, but whether it will ultimately work is anyone’s guess. Meantime, our old friend the EU seems to watch every move, salivating to slap fines or tariffs on anything guilty of working too well or being too successful.

Exciting developments seem to be low-key and out of the controversial headlines, with Microsoft. It quietly added the entire market cap of Tesla to its value – $660 billion – since December 2021. That’s the kind of no news we like. NVIDIA is also one to watch.

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