Tales Of WNC: Breezy Sunday
11 Jun 2024

Earl, Hazard County’s most eligible bachelor, was sitting in Church one breezy Sunday morning, hoping to socialize after with some of the ladies at the potluck. As he waited for the service to begin, he noticed a little ole lady shivering in front of a large open window, her folded arms clutching herself to keep warm. Earl looked around to see if someone would see him offering his help – but decided to wait until there were more eyes to witness his gallantry. He pretended to read the hymn book as he really kept her in his peripheral… and it became clear she was struggling mightily. She moved from side to side. She moved forwards and backwards. She rocked herself. Her knuckles turned white as she clutched at her thin jersey. Finally, Earl couldn’t take it any longer so he got up and went over to the lady. He put a hand on her back, leaned over and discreetly asked: “Is the wind bothering you, ma’am?”

“Don’t worry Earl,” she smiled back at him, and winked. “I’ll wait until we sing.”