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Trendy Terror

There is a clear and linear relationship between the State of Qatar and the main organisation driving ‘protests’ on American campuses. Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) represents the individual campus groups, which are under the umbrella of National Students for Justice in Palestine, which oversees each individual chapter and was created by American Muslims for Palestine, which works in tandem with its ‘fiscal sponsor’ Americans for Justice in Palestine – both of which are founded by SJP Founder Hatem Bazian – who recruited board members from the now defunct Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas supporting groups “Holy Land Foundation”, “Islamic Association of Palestine” and “Kind Hearts Foundation”. Other members of American Muslims for Palestine include, among others, Osama Abuirshahid (its Executive Director, also a member of the Islamic Association of Palestine), and Salah Sarsour (on the National Board of AMP, Director of the Americans for Justice in Palestine and fundraiser for the now defunct, Hamas-linked Holy Land Foundation). Qatar donates more money to American Universities – by far – than any other country in the world (between 2014 and 2019 Qatar gave $2.7-billion). Specific schools receiving Qatari money include Cornell University, Virginia Commonwealth University, Texas A&M, Carnegie Mellon, Northwestern University, and Georgetown University – among others. Run the data and you find a very strong corelation between the presence of Qatari funding on a campus, and the presence of SJP. Apart from being a significant donor to Hamas, the main leadership of Hamas sometimes reside in Qatar. In the past Qatar have provided safe haven for members of the Taliban and the Muslim Brotherhood. This is also the headquarters of ‘’news’’ network Al Jazeera. Hopefully this information – which is all in the public domain – can now end any pretences that it’s either a mystery (ie, it is unknown) or an innocent association (people didn’t know).


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The Last Painful Read

The Last Painful Read

This is a book for the bewildered. The thing with culture war is that you can shelve it, ignore it, refuse to engage with it and try to wait for it...

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