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Big Little Bits

It hurts when it breaks – and yet in time the big little bits still form a whole and fit – so that the line between me and sea remains clear, though changed. A single rock might well feel more in tact, but a hundred boulders certainly make a more interesting landscape… and thus with every injury, an entire ecosystem is made possible. Whereas before was just the happy cliff – solid and unending and sublime – now the waters can enter, and the crabs can crawl, and little ponds come alive between the tide, and birds land and dogs sniff and people can sit and kiss each other, or stare out at the waves. There is endless detail and fascination in the breaks… and yet… all the big little bits still form a whole. I may be one and multitudes, coherent and divergent, at the same time.


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The Best Old Thing

The Best Old Thing

The investment world is full of BS. More than marketing - if you can believe such a thing. A lot of guys who did relatively well at mathematics...

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Abundant Heart

Abundant Heart

If you have a young person in your life - a nephew, a son, a daughter, a mentee - and you want to give them a few books that will really help them...

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Peace Of Mind

Peace Of Mind

Mention my name and ask people what jumps to mind, and the words "spiritual" and "mental health" are sure to be mentioned right of the bat... right?...

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