Supercomputers… for everyone
19 Mar 2024

Take a big problem. Like, a really big problem. You have a team of scientists and engineers on it. Top of the line computers hang, crash, and take months to crunch the numbers to get to a solution. Now, it could all be solved with a supercomputer (what the experts in the know called High Performance Computing systems).

But that requires a whole different skillset. The IT Department, good as they are, simply don’t have experience running HPC efficiently. Very few people have the skill set. And how will licensing even work? And do you have a special server room, cooled and racked to be ready to even receive such a system?

Enter CrunchYard – a UK company that has been at the forefront of HPC around the world for at least a decade. They have just teamed up with SUSE to create, in effect, democratised HPC. These units take your months of processing down to hours (on average) – and it requires no specialist skill sets, no special racks or rooms. You simply order your unit, have it configured, plug it into any office environment – and play.

The potential uses are vast: from banks running financial models, to materials engineers creating new kinds of rubber, to creating new medicines, simulating the performance of new helicopters, rendering graphics – anything that requires serious number crunching can benefit from HPC. Whereas before it simply wasn’t available at realistic price points – or without an insurmountable learning curve – Office HPC from CrunchYard and SUSE Linux Enterprise now changes the game.

The software packages of your choice is already loaded (think ANSYS, for example) and your licensing is optimised. Multiple users can log on to the same supercomputer. When more space is temporarily required, you can burst to cloud. Water cooled, it runs quietly. It reduces the carbon footprint of outsourcing to data centres, not to mention protecting data security and integrity. And the system comes with remote support included, ensuring that your numbers crunch without interruption.

This puts serious HPC in reach of pretty much any business or organisation for the first time. The consequences of mass adoption of technology of this kind on development, progress and problem solving can’t be overstated.

Learn more about Office HPC HERE.