Study In White
25 Aug 2023

What a master can paint a world with a single shade – and unlock a million variations with a single hue? Some blue, to be sure, and hints of what looks like what aspires to be red, perhaps – but then a variety of wonder using white alone. A single hard line slashes across the canvas – the surface of the ocean. But below that line ripple distinct pools of flow and movement within the same tub. And above that line – oh – a show to see. Lines feathering left to right and up and down and diagonally, pointing to infinity. Here the air is the most visible thing, here wind manifests with physicality, here the awe of earth reminds you that you are but a visitor – granted entrance, luckily.

And all of it unfolds between one light and its reflection.

Between stimulus and response lies every important and beautiful thing in this world.