State Of The Web
9 Mar 2023

State of the Peterweb

The OLD BLOG (Not Extremely Foreword, but its predecessor) is about to go the way of all bits – deletion. Extremely Foreword (THIS BLOG) will continue as is.

The Old Blog was kept up for a period of time, so that haters could search it for offences to common decency and so that no one could think I was ashamed of it. Not in the least. It was originally started over five years ago… and it tried a number of different things and approaches. It hasn’t been advertised or updated since the launch of Extremely Foreword, but I gave it a sunset clause period. But it wasn’t anywhere as cool as Extremely Foreword.

Space needs to be freed up for a new version of which is currently being staged, tested and prepared. We like to keep things fresh. As a storyteller I’m always working on the next chapter – and my web infrastructure needs to reflect this. The point – as always – is to give my readers the best possible experience, extra value and added dynamite to ignite imagination.

The site will continue to function until the switchover, which will see a fresh new design; new features and functionalities; a Subscriber’s Only Lounge for the exclusive use of the Subscriber’s Club; the new and functional online shop (finally), etc, etc. There are some changes happening over at the Subscriber’s Club too – it needs to be progressed to the next level, and more value needs to be given to regular readers.

Just like I am always writing the next stories, the next chapters, books, shorts, films, etc, development of the website, blog and infrastructure is continual – perpetual – and never ending.

There is some question about how social media fits in to new developments. I have very small followings on social media, mainly because I don’t spend time and money building the platforms of Silicon Valley or Shanghai. I simply repost my content. I don’t ‘boost’ and I don’t ‘run campaigns’. I don’t follow best practices. Don’t ‘optimally utilise’ and run analytics on engagement, or any of those things. In future, I won’t start either.

I am busy building my thing – not Zuck’s, or anyone else’s. I have more than enough on my plate writing novels, writing short stories, making movies, developing other entertainment projects, and blogging. You might in future see products of mine advertised on Facebook or Twitter or wherevs – but rest assured that I will never personally spend a cent on these digital parasites. It will be a cold day in hell before I do.

I have no desire to make the platforms more famous or more powerful – and while I do engage in digital marketing – ‘social media’ is – frankly – simply not the revolutionary sales tool it is made out to be.

Meanwhile, the numbers on this blog and my website has grown steadily and consistently for years now – and the numbers don’t look too bad at all – the value of my website and this blog far, far, far, FAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRR outweighs anything that any social media platform has yet demonstrated. And that’s where I will keep my attention.

If you do want to follow me, feel free. You won’t get anything there that you wouldn’t get here first – or better.

One of the big imperatives for me is to disintermediate those who fancy themselves gatekeepers. I don’t need them, and neither do you.