Stage Right
18 Mar 2024

An abandoned factory is now the stage of wild growing bushes and graffiti. Once it was the site of an industry – some captain of commerce had a vision, and so the earth was moved to have it built, and dozens of working men put food on the table and kids through school labouring here. But for some reason, somewhere, sometime, it all ended – and the site sits abandoned ever since. Once a stage for bringing wealth into a community, it is now a stage for rodents.

It is dead. It did not survive.

And yet, as I pass it on the train, quite often, am I crazy? Because I see a future in its bones…

Can we cut back the bushes and clear the graffiti? Can that marvellous back hall be a soundstage? Can offices and editing suites line the walls? Can the lot outside be made to look, like the backdrops of what cameras need?

I am often inspired by things long after others have grown hopeless.

Perhaps because I grew up amidst bones.

Perhaps we can, given enough effort, enough money, enough work, enough dedication, enough focus, find a next stage for that which left the stage, if we stage it right…