Space For Peace
5 Apr 2024

It is easy to wax lyrically about masterworks of art like cathedrals… but then again, this is a barn.

Lights were placed to accentuate features built not in worship but in pragmatism… and yet there is something here for the soul. Is it perhaps subliminal cues that those who built it believed there was something higher than themselves? Was it pride in workmanship?

It is more than style and materials – because hundreds of years of progress and technology must surely have become better than that which was available then…

And yet here the air flows exactly as it should to keep the goods dry… to keep pests out… and if I made it the site of a wedding ceremony she wouldn’t think me cheap.

My inner space then – must be fit to render the space around me better – as I find nothing comparable in today’s catalogue. Therefore… If I want something beautiful – I must then create something beautiful. And if I want to create something beautiful, then I must be beautiful.

Because a soul hobbled by disbelief and mis-esteem can not build barns that ascend to the heavens.

So let me sit here for a moment, absorb the peace, and take the space inside me. Let the building enter me and dwell within, so that I might acquire its mystery, and make use of its sacred geometry.