Soul Connection
26 Jun 2024

The eyes are the windows to the soul, someone said once, and sentimental types have repeated him or her ever since. Windows are like the eyes of buildings – and like eyes – they are not as easy to read as one would think.

Here we see a pair of mildly intricate geometry… letting light in but not allowing anyone to see in or out. And yet there is something to be gleamed from staring into them. Hard times, hard graft – just not on maintenance perhaps.

And I can sit down, perhaps at a bistro across the road, and have a long conversation with this building. To learn how it views all its seen, and all that’s been held within. If I were to fall in love I might repair the broken panes and apply the brightest paint most tenderly.

But there is light within… and despite the weary signs… it seems to me to have a smile. I see no mouth but the real smiles are always in the eyes… and here there is plenty.

Perhaps then, the soul will fall in love with me… and repair my broken panes, applying a fresh coat gently, so that my façade can also show it’s been cared for.

In that moment I feel a little silly, bonding with a stranger I probably will never see again. The light within flickers off, then on, and I finish my coffee convinced it winked at me.