Sometimes, the cool grey…
8 Aug 2023

Sometimes, the warmth of a smile and the sunshine of colours. Other times – the cold steel of structure, the clarity of metal, the precision of geometry.

Two perpendicular bridges viewed from below, on the river – crossing the sky. They have their own austere beauty. They are impressive in their own right, as feats of engineering, and beautiful – and they stand in stark contrast to the surrounding greenery and nature.

There is place for them, as much as the fields or the streams.

The world has different faces and each of them have a time and a place.

Sometimes folks need to see different parts of the same landscape to understand the terrain.

Sometimes they need a vibrant yellow glow. Sometimes a refreshing, cool, pristine blue. Sometimes an exuberant green, or a lush red.

And sometimes, the best thing to show them, for their own good, cool grey…