Some New Moves For 2024
5 Dec 2023

So you might remember from a previous update that I’ll be taking a break (a long, well-earned, couldn’t-get-here-soon-enough break) from this Friday until the middle of January.

Next year, Extremely Foreword is expanding so that there’s more action from more sources. Extremely Foreword is changing from my personal blog to a much broader mandate. Fans need not worry, I’ll be here and will continue to bring all the old favourites.

But after much work, negotiations, deliberations and consternations – I’m in the position to announce that we’re adding regular segments from different writers on topics like STYLE & BEAUTY, FINANCE & BUSINESS, NEWS & POLITICS and ENTERTAINMENT – as a start.

For Style and Beauty we’re bringing a pro – I clearly know nothing about any of that. Finance and Business Coverage will focus on US and UK markets and business. News and Politics will cover only what is worth covering, from a centre right perspective (but specifically WITHOUT revelling in partisan sensationalism). And Entertainment will cover, well, hopefully, something more entertaining than what’s currently on air.

You can still expect old favourites Memes of Consciousness, SnapShots, a brand new and updated Extremely Foreword Column, FineFinds and Nomenclaturia Pedestria. I’m here, I’m not going anywhere, I am committed and you’ll see all you can stomach.

So, slowly, we’ll start bringing you more and more.

And we’re just getting started 😉