4 Jul 2023

Guess what this is.

No seriously, try to guess…

If you are feeling low, feeling sad, feeling like you’re not being treated well, feeling like you suffer too much; like others are giving you a hard time, that your life is difficult, that you are suffering, struggling, or having difficulties…


Because this, ladies and gentlemen, is an instrument for a field medic in World War I. This is what was used to amputate a limb.

At the time, no sophisticated anaesthetics. Some milk of the poppy if you’re lucky, And no advanced sterilization and/or antibiotics – a dash and few dabs of alcohol and we’re good to go.

With that injury, you see, we can’t let you go. Might go septic. Might get gangrene. So now, you lie down – or be tied down if you’re going to be whiny about it. And then you bite down on this. There, there.

Now we’ll just constrict this around the limb – but you have to understand it doesn’t just slice through. No no, we have to do a sawing motion, you see, back and forth, to get through the thicker part of the meat and saw through the bone.

So next time you’re unhappy with your lot in life – just think of what else in this world has teeth – and who knows, you might learn how to use yours.

This little instrument very rapidly, and effectively, made me appreciate that I live today – and not in 1914. Every time I catch myself feeling sorry for myself – I’ll be thinking about this thing. And then I’ll drop to my knees – both of them – and thank the Boss I’m not fighting for civilization and sovereignty against Ottoman imperial aggression, to pick one example.