Short Story: The Home Stretch
8 Nov 2022

Those things are out there, and it’s every man for himself. So far, Andy survived by sneaking and hiding. He doesn’t want to die – not like that – not flayed open and skinned alive. His tactics seem to be working, until he meets another survivor.

You can now read The Home Stretch – a Post-Apocalyptic Horror Short Story – for free and in a fresh new easy-to-read format on The Home Stretch is one of the short stories contained in the forthcoming book Number Fifteen Platter – Peter van der Walt’s eclectic collection of short stories set across multiple times, places and genres. Some of the stories in Number Fifteen Platter will be shared with members of the Subscriber’s Club, and a selection of these make it to the free shorts section of the website.

>>Read The Home Stretch HERE.<<