15 Feb 2024

Ships, it seems, come in all shapes and sizes, just like human beings. Form follows function – and aesthetic standards – however arbitrary or exalted – are but one consideration among many. In a way every ship is shipshape and beautiful, and every body too. Everyone, I am told, has inner beauty or hidden beauty, which seems about right because I seldom see it. Deep down, I’m very superficial.

Look at this thing. I mean, what is it? The USS Ugly Duckling? And what does it do? I’m sure it has a purpose and a function, and that it’s useful, and performs the tasks well.

But we can’t have breakfast on the fly deck. We can’t sip martinis while in the hot tub. We can’t motor into Cannes for a quick weekend. Given all the long list of requirements we have, this thing is totally ugly, totally useless, totally pointless.

But then…

Not all ships are to go to Cannes, and not every vessel finds its self esteem by whatever floats my boat.

It could care less for my dinner parties or sunny days out.

It has its own reasons, its own clout.

Maybe I’m like that… not as weird as I think… just purpose undiscovered. ;P