29 Sep 2023

Old pressure valves, discarded. Just rubbish. Once functional, then at the end of its useful life and thrown out.

But rubbish is simply stuff in the wrong place.

Take those self same discarded things, put them on a wall as a feature, give them a place to shine, frame them with a flood of soft light – and the rubbish is art. A beautiful collection with a thousand details that can be seen and enjoyed. It stimulates the imagination and the mind’s eye, takes you to the railways and boilers of years gone by.

We have a special little lounge at our main station in and out of the big smoke, and on the wall is this collection. I always look at it and it always takes me places. At least a short story has been born from associations released by this little collection.

Put things in the right place, and they belong, they come alive, they matter, they serve a purpose.

It’s a question of finding the right position.