Ripples On A Bridge
15 Jun 2023

Along the banks of the river Tamar are particularly sensitive and beautiful wetlands. You enter the sanctuary through a gate and walk across this bridge to look down into the water and land below. The structure and lines of it struck me as beautiful – very high tech, like a futuristic freeway but built for humankind’s oldest form of transport – feet.

At certain angles the metal mesh floor conjures optical illusions.

On either side there are safe whitewashed wood rails that promise to hold you, and keep you safe…

The lines guide the eye and the structure is aesthetic as well as functional.

But the real magic, is around the bridge. You get to stand on it and look at the surrounding fields and woods, the wetlands, the stream below, and you find that you yourself might be part of the phenomenon rippling out from the water below. Like consciousness broadcast from a central point – from this bridge, from this very point, who knows how far you might yet go?