Review of “Murder On The Orient Express – The Musical”
17 May 2024

Not since the premiere of Les Mis has there been a theatrical event as phenomenal as the treat we were subjected to at the advance view of “Murder On The Orient Express – The Musical.” Uneeqah Del Reyes’ musical adaptation of Agatha Christie’s masterpiece is its own masterpiece… with a collection of powerful and moving music, including the haunting melody of “I’m Dead, Chow Mein, Choo Choo” and the riveting rhythms of “Get behind the yellow line, please, ffs”. Converting perfectly sound productions to musicals is a West End Trend capable of driving one around the bend… but if Murder On The Orient Express is anything to go by, later this year’s launch of ‘’The Exorcist – The Musical’’ should not be missed. 4/5.

Lord Alain Smythe-Wright MBE is managing editor of Satyr Magazine and a renowned cultural critic and tastemaker throughout the United Kingdom and indeed the civilised classes in every corner of the globe. He oversees the Faux Parse Trust, helping millions reach their dreams using a portion of the interest on the holdings. His opinions are so sublime and astute they can’t possibly belong to this – or any other publication – and are his alone.