8 Nov 2023

Do not presume me dead because I sleep –

It has happened before, on both these and distant shores

Nor assume there are covenants I shall not keep –

Merely because I have arrived at a point of gentleness.

In your well-planned show of force in streets that welcomed you

Do not suppose the quiet stones have not flesh in reserve to back up

Those values which was earned, as all peoples did

A place deserved for this tribe – as much as any deserved by yours.

Do not mistake politeness and tolerance

For indefinite patience.  

Nor fads of navel gazing or self-examination

As commitment to self-extermination.

That which was painstakingly built

And towers gargantuan above the best that you have yet managed

Will not be lost – to either force, or, philosophy.

Any territories given were not your victories

And no further inch shall be ceded.

Presume not multitudes of bodies, concentrated visibly, outweigh calm reason
or quiet rage

Nor assume those you slander, at some point, will not decide to deserve your

Mistake not church pews as barometers of faith

Nor lawyers as sovereigns

Or politicians for powerful

These isles have stood for thousands of years

And not everyone on them have agreed to be ashamed

Because lesser tribes have learned to demand such.

Respect, tolerance is mutual…

Or survival won’t be. 

Do not presume me dead because I sleep.