Reading Boy
27 Oct 2023

God probably forgives gentle envy.

I did not grow up anywhere near the sea, and so I feel a little, gentle envy that here a young person can go down to the ocean any time they want.

I feel a strange, grateful, gentle kind of envy when I see the boy – free and comfortable in his own skin – letting the sun fall on him.

I feel that same thing when I see that he is reading – and I wonder if it is something I have read, or read once – and either way – there is that same envy – more excitement on his behalf – of learning something new or exploring something unknown or experiencing a new story for the very first time.

He is in his own world – and yet on either side stretch scores of others revelling in the autumn light. That winter sun I love so much is coming.

Oh, to be in your own world while in your own world… may I yet have a moment or two like that ahead of me.