Rations of Sun and Shade
1 Nov 2023

I happened to catch this the other day… no trick post or editing… just a natural display. The whole scene of reality expressed in varieties of grey. Quite a variety, taking three, maybe four main horizontal layers. And then take the top layer on its own – there are varieties from left to right. Rows, Columns, Pixels – the rules of photography. But artwork itself less contrived, merely the laws of physics fallings as they do with no regard to beauty or design and yet infinitely more impressive than anything talent could construct. I am amazed at how dark some patches are when compared to the brightest ripples. All in the same blink. Sun and shade – not equal at all but perfectly balanced.
And as all scenes are, intrinsically neither happy or sad or bright or gloomy. Just the world as it is, ready for you to filter it with what you will yourself or are inclined to see…