Rainy Days And Liquid Sunshine
24 Jul 2023

To me, rainy days have always been inspirational.

Sure, there are inside sort of rainy days – writing books or watching movies or reading or snuggling up in front of wood fires with a mug of hot chocolate, a blanky and the person you love. All that is good and nice.

But there are also outside rainy days – when you find yourself, for whatever reason, walking along the countryside while it is pouring down.

As with all things, there are two ways to react.

The first is the let yourself feel discomfort.

The second is to take it in for what it is, and enjoy it on its own terms.

Have you ever smelled what an English woodland grove smells like in the rain? Like the trees and flowers open up to fill the air with a perfume as yet unmatched by those who create couture.

To see through the falling drops and the mist, and focus on some features in the foreground, is to be treated to a world unspoiled. As if the sky gods sent the humans to time outs inside, so that the fields can frolic freely.

Liquid sunshine, one woman from the Moors called it – when she saw us outside too and smiling. She knew and we knew and in that moment all of us together understood something about the world together.

The camera had its own waterproof bag. The backpacks, jeans, shoes and jackets were getting soaked, beneath the umbrella.

But the world was as joyful as on any other day, if not more. And I hope I find another excuse to venture out when rainy days roll around…