Protect The Play!
18 Aug 2023

Hey! You there! Get ready for the onslaught, it is coming! Man the walls, draw your swords, we are under attack!

They bring great engines of destruction – cynicism, nihilism, fatalism! They march in step with monotony and predictability and they are coming for us all. Defend the borders, the walls and the gates, we must survive each successive wave.

They come to take our dreams and hopes, they come to instil fear and doubt, they come to spread their blandness and make us just like them.

Lift your fists and your spirits, up high, and with that shout our defiant battle cry: this stand we will not abandon – here is where it stops.

There may be some injuries on the borders, some wounds on our outskirts, but we must ever hold the core. At the centre of our bailey lies the treasure of all kingdoms, the very core of what we are. Protect it from the onslaughts, from the barrages, from the sniping, from the incessant chirping from the sides, form the hateful waves launched against it all. If we lose it we lose it all…

Fight to spare it, guard it from theft or damage. It is our most precious of gems lads, the treasure within which resides all other treasures. It is imagination – and you most hold it, not give it up, not let it be taken or misplace it: guard it, guard it with your very lives!