Privacy Appreciated
2 May 2024

The little vessel has seen a lot, as has it’s skipper – I’d imagine – reading the piquant phrasing of the privacy notice next to the door. The vessel is still there – along the bank there are several newer and fancier houseboats… but as always, the underdog caught my eye. Probably the home of a rough sleeper or two, now… I do not trespass, but see tell-tale signs of recent occupation. I capture the vessel quickly – for all the unique magic it unleashes along my neural pathways and then do exactly as the sign suggests. And yet I can’t stop thinking about it.

The guy with the bulging eyes and the dirty clothes going to his boathouse… a man who no longer has any prayers and no longer believes any promises. He lights up a candle to heat the spoon… then shoots up his star potion directly into his veins… so that he can be the stars that guides his vessel, if not to safety then at least to relief.

Perhaps he even has a friend over, and they search the universe together, looking for something that can’t be found.

On this very walk I saw signs of tremendous wealth. And this.

I hear you loud and clear, skipper, you’ll find no quarrel from me. To be honest, I don’t care for the star potions myself and do not own a boat… but your sign I relate to, all too well.