25 Sep 2023

Today, I picked these colours for you. The orange, green, white, brown, grey and blue. I wanted to give you a whiff of what I’ve seen… a small, controlled collection of where I’ve been. With lines and squares and curves designed – a fragrant sample for your mind. From plain to intricate, old and new – it was the only thing I could give to you. Still it would be good if it makes you smile, because I love that most and it’s been a while. So place it in sight in the vase of your head – and if you have any worries put them to bed. And should you doubt that there’s joy in what the world can show – look on this SnapShot and then – you’ll know.

Yes yes, good Rhyme is always tricky and it’s very easy to be corny… but every now and then I’m entitled to a bit of cheese.

What a SnapShot though. Like all of them, unaltered and unadulterated, nothing changed, nothing manipulated. Merely putting a frame around something the world wanted to show me.

And I am blessed to know the potpourri of this world.