Poster Reveal: Invisibles
13 Apr 2023

Invisibles is edited and graded and is now in the last stages of post – with sound design being done in Plymouth and Amsterdam. Sign up to The Lounge Club now to avoid missing out – the trailer will be shown first to TLC Members at the end of this month.

“Invisibles” from Writer/Director Peter van der Walt. Starring: Steven Perrin, River Owsley-Brown, Ruben Wheeler, Finlay Callaghan, Marley Winter, Finn Apps & Reece Locke. Director of Photography: Fionn Crow. Light Technician: Sam Melvin. Special Effects: Elizabeth Brunning, Suzi Winter, Abi Cooper, J Dodman. Producer: John Boyle. Sound Designer & Music Supervision: Ari Golani. Edited by Sanne Dijkstra. Produced by Rowdy Parrot Limited and Privateer Media UK. Invisibles (2023) All Rights Reserved, RPL (UK).