Open Door Policy
1 Feb 2023

We’re all made of the same stuff: there is no shame in having plumbing. We know that the drywalls hold back unsightly but functional vents and wires, we know that the finest finishes are as fickle and fake as the façade of privacy. We know that the bones that hold us up can be torn down, that pretty views can be made messy, that just beneath the first few layers of paint we could – if we were so inclined – expose the raw chaos for what it really is.

But we do not do this with our buildings – because it is unpleasant to behold and uncomfortable to be in. It is unwelcoming. It makes us feel on edge. It means no one will enjoy or share the space. No one will find shelter within.

And while we never denigrate our buildings with such rude openness, still, some display themselves in such a way… too open, too raw, too exposed, too intense, too honest, too emotional, vulgar, pornographic, self-indulgent…

Indeed, there is no shame in having plumbing. But tuck it in, build some walls and slap a coat of paint on it.

Surely that’s not too much to ask.