One-Eyed Vigil
9 Apr 2024

Perhaps a hard worker, as no one else is up, or a lucky one, as no one else has a window… but there is a sense of constant vigilance from the fort. Walking around outside, despite its size, it’s easy to forget it – to think of it as part of a landscape – to let it fade into the background like a mountain might.

But there is life within (not to mention live ammo)… and the solitary window looks out on what radar and sensors and cameras already alerted to.

I look at it, it looks at me, and I don’t blink either.

I thought the purple and gold within the frame was worthy of a royal citadel… and again… used no filters on the pic. You see it as I see it – but I wonder what your imagination might make of it. Like all things we see, it begins on the surface of the eye, but ends in the mind. And between those two points all kinds of colour and interpretation is added.

Keep the light on, soldier. Let me know someone is home.